Responsible. Sustainable. Effective.

As a global agency we’re constantly reminded of how the world is dealing with the results of climate change and consumerism. Although we pride ourselves in amplifying demand for our clients we strive to do it in a sustainable way. To help reduce our company footprint, Crowd is looking to achieve B-Corp status, ensuring we switch to clean energy wherever possible, cut-out unnecessary travel and generally make the world a better place through the work we do.

Crowd also prides itself in amplifying the message of some of the world’s most cutting-edge sustainability brands such as Footprint – the leaders in plant based packaging, the charity Plastic Oceans, as well as sustainability reports for Dubai Airport, the launch of the UAE’s first ever waste-to-energy power plant, and the marketing of a sustainable fashion brand to name but a few.

Bringing core values together

By fusing our three core values together, Crowd creates a working ethos that delivers maximum creative impact with the lowest environmental footprint.

Amplifying Good

Crowd has always supported a range of causes, especially those concerned with protecting the environment. From our earliest days we have encouraged our clients to use digital marketing to help move their audience conversations to a digital space, meaning communications no longer need to be printed, for example.

More recently, Crowd has launched an online events platform – GoDigitalExpo. Already being used by a number of UK government departments and corporates, our virtual event platform reduces the need for staff and networking groups to travel en masse to important meetings, conferences or trade missions.

Crowd has also worked with a range of environmental causes, including Environmental Film Festivals, A Plastic Ocean, and campaigners and governments to promote a cleaner way of doing business and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

We work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in everything we do

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Crowd has set a goal for 2022 to become a B-Corp Certified company. This would mean having our efforts so far recognised, but also create a framework for us to become a better company for our clients, our staff and the world.