Working Remotely, Working Together

Crowd has always had aspirations to secure an operational network that spans the globe, and with offices on every continent, we’re almost there!

Though we may be geographically far apart, our team feels like a close knit community. Through the tools and processes that we’ve put in place, we help each individual feel supported and truly part of our Crowd.

A Crowd that stretches around the world

For a start, our entire team gets together via video conference at the start of every working day. All global office teams attend this daily check-in, and this important group meeting helps to instil a sense of collaboration and boosts team spirit.

We service our clients’ needs by always using the best person for the job, wherever they are in the world. Video conferencing plays an integral part in our working life, which not only broadens our options in terms of personnel we can use, but also makes our model sustainable in terms of preventing needless travel.

When circumstances allow, we get together once a year to enjoy some team time in new and exciting locations. In the past we have taken trips to Marrakech, Barcelona, Budapest, as well group meet ups at our office locations in Dubai, Amsterdam and Dorset.


Our Commitment to Equality and Diversity

We are proud of our record on hiring staff from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We know that diversity makes us stronger as a team, and that listening to and understanding a wide range of views and perspectives helps us to be better people and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Crowd does not discriminate and we ensure that we work with companies that also take responsibility for caring for the world and its peoples.